MARS ANOMALY RESEARCH SOCIETY Conference to be held in the Historic Murray Hotel, Silver City, New Mexico

The event will be at the Historic Murray Hotel, Downtown Silver City, New Mexico, September 7-9th, 2018. Call Carla, an organizer, at 480-707-7893. A Discount Rate for Conference-goers is being arranged at the Murray, call right away, but please call Carla!


Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

What is the true history of the human race?

We would like to introduce the Human Origins Conference, an annual event sponsored by the UFOteacher Global Initiative.

Revealing the fascinating realms of Earth’s cosmology, human origins, ancient history and lost wisdom, the conference carries a mission of sharing knowledge with the purpose of expanding the consciousness of humanity by presenting world renowned researchers, writers and visionaries revealing such sensitive information.

The conference targets those profound questions and mysteries while aiming to inform the general public on various arenas of suppressed knowledge that the mainstream media will not touch. Be it economic, political or interstellar, this annual conference represents a serious approach to sensitive issues while remaining dedicated to providing hidden knowledge on various topics that profoundly affect us all, topics rarely addressed at all by our controlled mainstream media.

Richard and Linda Smith are the directors of the Human Origins Conference which has a prime directive that focuses on getting the word out regarding extraterrestrial intervention, alien contact, the Moorish Legacy and the dynamic scope of our interstellar human origins here on Earth. The prime directive's mission includes a special focus on economic, social and geopolitical issues affecting Earth's ecology, spirituality, reincarnation, alien contact, lost knowledge, ancient wisdom, linguistics and etymology, the human condition and current affairs, to name a few.

Originally formed in 2011, the UFOteacher Global Initiative carries a strong global presence representing a cross-disciplined educational platform that the Human Origins Conference has been built upon. As an evolving network, the Initiative represents a collaboration of diverse interests throughout the world.

The Initiative comes from a powerful economic world view with an understanding that all things are connected, realizing that no one subject is isolated unto itself. When it comes to tackling controversial, sensitive, hot-button topics and issues, the Initiative exists to educate and empower the general public to take a stand against the social and economic constructs of human degradation in all apsects of our global society. In doing so, humanity is given a fighting chance to reclaim our ancestral dignity as well as our original legacy among the stars.

We know this is a tall order and none of us live in an ivory tower. However, both the Initiative and the Human Origins Conference pursue the realistic perspective that the glass is still half full. As such, we maintain that it is everyone's responsibility to stand up and do something to turn the tide so as to avert the unnecessary and inexcusable actions that have the potential of leading to our own extinction level event. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny, the captain of your own ship and the arbiter of your own fate. There is nothing that happens on this planet without our individual influence and universal connection. So, lets get down to brass tacks and accomplish something wonderful together!

Wouldn't that be original? We think so. Welcome aboard!


Stargate to the Cosmos 2018
October 25-28, 2018
MCM Elegante Hotel, Albuquerque, NM


“Stargate to the Cosmos” is a grass-roots advocacy movement designed to end the truth embargo and the atrocities perpetrated against humanity by the power elite that withhold vital information necessary for humans to live blissful lives.  Everyone born has, as our birthright, as sovereign, sentient beings the basic right to live a peaceful, authentic life full of true happiness.

Human beings are being murdered at the rate of approximately 100,000 people a day.  They die from the side effects of global toxins in our air, water, soil, and food.  We humans die due to diseases that are cure-able, (including the disease of aging).  We perish because of unsafe and antiquated transport systems we are forced to use.  The rich and power elite use far safer technologies that can not only transport them around the planet but can literally take them to the stars.

We are being lied to.  These lies enslave us to rich and powerful beings who care only for themselves while we remain enslaved and used as commodities for their profit in the galactic human trafficking slave trade. While we remain locked in the dark, stuck in belief systems supported by lies, perpetuated by propaganda designed to keep the rich and powerful empowered, they thrive while we die.

We at “Stargate to the Cosmos” are motivated by all wars and events where human rights and lives are threatened.  We’re inspired by advocacy movements like “Me Too”, “March for Our Lives”, “Black Lives Matter”, the Civil Rights movement and the Woman’s Suffrage movement.  We realize it’s time to end suffering and balance planet-wide inequality.

We see far because we stand upon the shoulders of giants that have come before us.  We harness the energy of our ancestors, amass the strength of all people from all generations, honor all who’ve given their lives and fought against senseless atrocities and give birth to a new culture where humanity finally joins the Federation of Planets as equals with all beings.

They greet us.  They’ve been waiting for us all along. They’ve supported us through our travails, experienced our birth pangs, loved us as we woke up.  One after another we awakened, gathered together, combined our strength for that one, great final push and we are born!  This is the time of the grand awakening, the event of the eons, the graduation of humanity!

Join us.  Celebrate.  Witness our birth.  WE ARE DISCLOSURE.  We are the generation that takes down the Wizard of Oz’s curtain that’s imprisoned us in hate, hurt and lies. Generation after generation, year after year, we ate lies fed to us.

WE ARE DISCLOSURE.  We reveal and heal and launch the Stargate to the Cosmos, the portal that takes us TO THE STARS and reunites us with the cosmos and our eternal tribe.  We propel towards the long-awaited golden AGE OF AQUARIUS. We return to love that unites all worlds.

Stargate to the Cosmos 2018
October 25-28, 2018
MCM Elegante Hotel, Albuquerque, NM

It’s time to awaken, become conscious, aware, devote yourself to love, healing, growth, evolution, and enlightenment.
 Meet top lecturers, cultural creatives, and intellectual geniuses. Co-create a divine paradigm that honors life, consciousness, humanity, the world, all beings, and creation. It is time.

We have arrived. The future is bright, here, now.
Stargate to the Cosmos was established in 2012 with a strong focus on UFOs, metaphysics, spirituality, disclosure, experiencers, Exopolitics and the paranormal.

We gather together in person and in hyperspace to explore the issues that affect our lives, synergize, share, examine, resolve and co-create sustainable solutions designed to catapult us and creation to the new paradigm, the Golden Age which supports a conscious, civilized civilization that honors life, Gaia (Mother Earth) and allows all to live in dignity, beauty, grace and  authentic peace.

Our conference includes speakers, workshop facilitators, healers and teachers from around the globe plus a plethora of exhibitors. Here we cover a large variety of topics covering many fields related through a common vision – that of creating a better, more kind and loving reality for humanity designed to not only solve all that ails us but to send a message to other aliens, interdimensionals and extraterrestrials of higher realms of goodness, love and light that we are ready to graduate.

We combine our efforts, human and other, to open the Stargate to the Cosmos, where we welcome all and join our Universal family and take our place in the grand design of Existence.