"DIGITAL MOON" by Bret Colin Sheppard

Bret Colin Sheppard becomes strangely compelled to pursue research into space images of the moon. He founds the Lunar Anomaly Research Society and, along with other anomalists, peruses lunar and Mars imagery looking for structures, unnatural architecture and other types of anomalies. Then, he is confronted with an image that stirs his memory and he is seeing an image that he remembers seeing as a teenager, in a slide presentation, in 1982, in a darkened room at a school in an art class. The strange time anomaly launches Bret on a quest, looking for more of this surreal, embedded imagery that is found in hundreds of space mission photography. Over time, Bret becomes convinced he is seeing what may be extraterrestrial or extradimensional (ET/ED) beings in contact with humanity by embedding imagery into space photographs using an advanced holographic technique in layers of encoded light.

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