Millions of people are experiencing interaction with non-human intelligences , overtly as contactees, abductees and experiencers, or more subtlely through dreams, visions, and "downloads." This conference is about Cosmic Communication and how to recognize it, experience it for yourself, or understand the underlying mechanism of how it works. The speakers will be covering a wide variety of examples of communications modalities used to access information and impressions from beings that share our morphogenic field of understanding. There will be a talk on using intuitive journaling to document the process of interpreting what messages are coming through and to make sense of it in a fast-paced world.

This conference is free to the public. Donations at the event would be greatly appreciated.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, October 28, 2017, in Silver City, NM - 10am-4pm

CONTACT FOR INFORMATION: Carla @ 480-707-7893 or email at


REV. CARLA FRIEDRICH- “The Infinity & Diversity of Lifeforms in the Universe- Contemplating What It Means to be Truly Human” by Rev. Carla Friedrich, Reverend in the Swedenborg Tradition - Friedrich will give a description of life on other planets, their physiology, communication, sociology, and spirituality, as described in “Earths in the Universe and Their Inhabitants; From Things Heard and Seen” by Emanuel Swedenborg, 18th century exo-philosopher (RE: Karen Christine Patrick) scientist, Engineer, and theologian. Swedenborg’s holographic cosmology and economy of dimensional worlds was the initial inspiration for the historic founding of the field of exo-politics as described by Alfred Lambremont Webre.

BARBARA BESSER - "Visionary Artist" by Barbara Besser,  Visionary Artist. Experiencer - Creator Analeia will share personal experiences with unseen, multidimensional energy...and how she created extraordinary artwork through this challenging, yet exciting process. Analeia has exhibited throughout the country and is best known for Spiritual Portraits. Analeia will be showing artwork, some available for sale.

KAREN CHRISTINE PATRICK - "COSMIC COMMUNICATION: Intuitive Journaling" by Karen Christine Patrick, Experiencer, Trans-communicator, Radio Personality, Author - Patrick will be speaking about Ideomaterial Physics as the basis for Trans-Communication in the first part of her talk. Ideomaterial Physics was a working model theory developed by a clandestine group of physicists gathered together as a research group in the 1990s, called the Life Physics Group. This group was led by AR Bordon, and their wholistic theory has its basis in Quantum Hologram Theory. These rogue physicists, who mostly used pseudonyms, worked with powerful intuitives using remote viewing/sensing to map out the energetic levels-of-manifestation that creates what we perceive as our material reality.Ms. Patrick was involved in a second grouping of intuitives gathered by AR Bordon between 2008-2013, to be given the writings of AR Bordon and the Life Physics Group, to be taught about Ideomaterial Physics, and to participate in group thought experiments.Patrick will then share various methods of Intuitive Journaling that aids in helping to tap into the morphogenic field, or informational thoughtscape that underlies our reality construct.

BRET COLIN SHEPPARD - "COSMIC COMMUNICATION: Graphic Communication" by Bret Colin Sheppard, Graphics Consultant, Anomalist, Experiencer - "When I think of Graphic Communication and ET's, I am thinking of Nature and space imagery. There are frequencies in graphics, sound, and digitization that adhere to the normal human ranges similar to a dog whistle, that allows us to see the deeper graphic communication within these images that we have collected all of our lives. Some see Ghosts some see ET's and I see many things like a storyboard of different ideas that pass through the Morphogenic field, some with the themes of nature, some more specific. These are frequencies we understand, and it is exactly how ET's from other worlds prefer to communicate with Earthlings. It is the Universal Language with a myriad of archetypes and symbols. It is how our ancient ancestors preferred to communicate, and it is how our languages developed here on Earth through a series of symbols with our collective meaning. I think of graphics and mental imagery as a tool to transfer ideas through telepathic resonance. Our minds perceive these ideas with past experiences, and it's really as simple as being aware of these types of communication and developing the tools to receive the information from the space we live in." - Bret C. Sheppard


10:00 am - 10:30 am - Rev. Carla Friedrich -  “The Infinity & Diversity of Lifeforms in the Universe"

10:30 am - 12:30 pm - Bret Colin Shepaard - "COSMIC COMMUNICATION: Graphic Communication"

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Barbara Besser - "Visionary Artist"

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Karen Christine Patrick "COSMIC COMMUNICATION: Intuitive Journaling"