by Karen Christine Patrick

There is the phenomenon that is called, "The Experiencer Movement." It exists in relation to the protocols of the visitors who are contacting people all over the planet, from every walk of life, in a wide variety of methods from beings of diverse origin. The process has been identified to me as the initiation of "Paradigm Galactic" or when most of humanity becomes aware that our planet resides in a populated cosmos. This realization will be as unique an event as it is unstoppable. This realization will occur first in the shared morphogenetic data field of humanity's bio-kind bio-mind, part of the field underlying the quantum hologram, part of our collective perception of the quantum hologram that appears to us as manifest reality.

The Experiencer Movement began as the brave testimonies of a few individuals, to a phenomenon that is the collective voice of many more sharing experiences, to a realization that will encompass all of humanity. It is a human event, not a political, religious, or media event. There are no controllers of this, just those who try, there are no superstars of it, just the self-proclaimed or media-anointed who think they can steer or control perception to their own advantage.

No president, king or queen, nor any potentate or leader will be able to tell us what this is, except as an attempt to do so to control the narrative. No citadel of human hierarchy, governments, religion, academia, nor the media will be able to define the moment coming, as this moment transcends the kingdoms built by men for the benefit of a few.

This will be an egalitarian realization in nature, as all humans are included, becoming the invitation to graduate to a galactic level of awareness, an invitation to participate openly in the circle of space-faring civilizations, of both inner and outer space. It must be egalitarian to answer to our very survival, an evolutionary step that is the unstoppable imperative any species confronts when on a destructive path. Nature... and humans are a product of nature, ... will make a course-correction, blowing through artificial blockages and jamming open our awareness capacity if that is what it takes.

No hierarchy considering itself the "natural order," thinking itself above all other humans, can withstand the scrutiny of comparative anthropology, when humans realize other races conduct their affairs without wars, without prejudice, and without money as a tool of artificial scarcity for the sake of control. All the intrigues of elite systems to control humanity and to create "products" of humans, as the impetus of human trafficking and money slavery, will be visible.

Those who are threatened and fearful now will shout, those who shame and mock, will themselves feel shame. Those beings, humans and otherwise, that use others for their own benefit, will be revealed. We will then be ready to oust negative beings from positions of power when they are shown for who and what they are. All humans will have adequate provisioning, shelter, healthy food, clean water, education, healthcare, opportunities for personal development, and the ability to contribute meaningfully.

All of the machinations of the corrupted media, the corporate controllers, the political pyramid games, the religious hierarchy shaming and shunning, none of that will be able to stop a movement whose time has come.